Septic Systems

Septic System Replacement, System C – Totem Pole Park

Project Completed: May 2018

Location: Freedom, NH
Owner: Totem Pole Park
Engineer: SFC Engineering Partnership, Inc.

A large septic system replacement for a lakefront community.  Work included a new leach field, replacement of some of the existing tanks, and associated site work and landscaping.

This project involved the replacement of a Leach field and addition of septic tanks for a large seasonal lakefront community.  The community has a total of five systems which service over 400 Sites.  This system happens to be the largest and […]

Septic System Replacement – Scarboro Road

Project Completed: December 23, 2016

Location: Freedom, NH

Installation of a Replacement Septic System for a failed system.  The work included pumping and filling the old steel tank and installing an Presby EnviroFin Septic System.

The existing system was declared failed during a home inspection and in need of fixing in order to sell the home.  The original system was installed over 30 years ago, the tank was made of steel and was under sized for the current regulations  for a 3 bedroom […]

Septic System Replacement – Bluffs Blvd

Project Completed: July 13, 2016

Location: Center Ossipee, NH

Replacement of a failed septic system.  The work included removal of the failed leach field and septic tank and replacing it with an Advanced Presby Enviro Pipe Septic System.  Special care was needed for scheduling because this was an occupied home.

The existing system had failed and was in need of replacement.  The original system was installed over 30 years ago, and the tank size was  under sized for the current regulations  for a 3 bedroom home.

Issue: The […]

Econo Lodge

Project Completed: October 30, 2015

Location: West Ossipee, NH
Owner: Jamsan Hotel Management
Designer: Folsom Design Group

Installation of a replacement septic system for a failed system.  The work included removal of the failed system and replacement with a larger system for site and usage conditions.  Special care was needed for scheduling within a tight schedule based on the hotel’s needs.

The existing system had failed and was in need of replacement.  The facility has had many additions over the years which have resulted in […]

Waste Water Treatment Facility

Project Completed: September 25, 2015

Location: Sandwich, NH
Owner: Town of Sandwich
Engineer: Tighe & Bond Engineering

Replacement of settling tanks to increase volume and quality of the treatment.  The work included removal of the old tanks and replacing with two 25,000 gallon tanks to allow for more volume and settling capacity. Construction required phasing to maintain operation during construction.

The existing tanks were found to not be sufficiently settling out the solids and replacement of these tanks was needed. The existing systems and facilities were […]

Ossipee Lake Camping Area Phases 1 – 3

Project completed May, 2014

Location: Effingham, NH
Owner: Ossipee Lake Camping Area
Engineer: SFC Engineering Partnership

This project has been an ongoing project for three years where winter phasing was required to maintain access to the campground during busier months. During the course of construction the existing campground’s effluent disposal systems have been removed and replaced with DES compliant systems. The project required multiple tanks per campground area with multiple leach fields throughout the campground to handle the loading campsites can place on septic systems.

The project facility […]

Lamprey River Coop Community Septic

Project completed May, 2013

Location: Raymond, NH
Owner: Lamprey River Cooperative
Engineer: Provan & Lorber

This project required the discontinuation of 21 individual existing septic systems with individual septic tanks and a common pump station and leach field. The system utilized multiple septic tanks (some single units some double units). These tanks lead to a gravity collection line which feeds to a pump station for final treatment within a raised leaching field. The project was funded with funds from the Rural Development Loan Fund, Community Block […]

Camp Calumet Duplex Site Work and Septic

Project completed July, 2012

Location: Freedom, NH
Owner: Calumet Lutheran Ministries

The Project called for 2 foundations be dug and associated site work for 2 new camp buildings. The Project required clearing and grubbing, site grading, and other associated work to prepare the site for the new buildings which would be built separate from our contract. In addition to the buildings there was a need for a combined septic system be installed for them. While constructing the septic leach field for the 2 current […]

Sugar Hill Retirement Community Leach Field Replacement

Project completed June 2011

Location: Wolfeboro, NH
Owner: Sugar Hill Retirement Community
Engineer: White Mountain Survey Company, Inc.

The Project called for the replacement of 4 Effluent Disposal Areas (EDAs; leaching fields). The EDAs are designed to handle 4,975 gallons per day. The reconstruction required phasing so that only 2 fields would be offline at any one time. The project was on a fast track and because of this required construction during winter conditions which required the use of frost blankets and other unique techniques. The […]

Inn at Crystal Lake Septic System with Aeration

Project completed May, 2011

Location: Eaton, NH
Owner: Inn at Crystal Lake
Engineer: Jones and Beach Engineers, Inc.

The Project involved the removal of an undersized Red Listed bridge and installation of a new precast arch span bridge. The existing bridge was only capable of handling 3 ton loads and unable to The Project required the installation of a specialized aeration septic system to minimize the size of the leach field. The site was small and hilly requiring the use of small equipment and unique approaches. […]