Project Completed 2017

Location: Sanbornton, NH
Owner: Town of Sanbornton

Project Description

Lower Bay Road is a main feeder road for the Town of Sanbornton.  This road needed to have significant work performed to repair a very rough surface.

Project Background

The project involved the northern section of Lower Bay Road and is the first of several phases to be completed on the road.  The work involved controlling the groundwater which was causing premature deterioration of the road surface.  The project called for installation of underdrain, reclaiming of the existing road surface, installation of road fabric, installation of crushed gravel, and paving of the road.

Project Goals

Issue: A very rough road which was requiring frequent pavement overlays
Solution: Installation of underdrain to remove the groundwater from the road, installation of road fabric to allow for better structural integrity of the road, and raising the road to keep water moving off the surface of the road.

Issue: Significant water flows within the existing swales were causing erosion which was leading to shoulder washouts.
Solution: Installation of paved and stone lined swales to secure the edge of the road from future washouts