Project completed May, 2014

Location: Effingham, NH
Owner: Ossipee Lake Camping Area
Engineer: SFC Engineering Partnership

Project Description

This project has been an ongoing project for three years where winter phasing was required to maintain access to the campground during busier months. During the course of construction the existing campground’s effluent disposal systems have been removed and replaced with DES compliant systems. The project required multiple tanks per campground area with multiple leach fields throughout the campground to handle the loading campsites can place on septic systems.

Project Background

The project facility is a 180+ site campground situated on Ossipee Lake. The facility is extremely active during the summer with reduced activities during the fall and spring. The project was an ongoing effort of the owners to improve the facilities on a site which is arguably one of the most desirable locations on Leavitt Bay of Ossipee Lake with views across the lake of Mount Chocorua.

Project Goals

Issue: Discovery of unexpectedly high water tables within the site.
Solution: Although we expected to find a high water table near the lake it was later discovered that the water table was elevated well away from the lake and well above the shoreline water levels. Through the use of sheet-pile and de-watering efforts we were able to install the tanks as necessary. To combat potential water infiltration to the septic systems, tanks within the water table were delivered as single units and coated as single units. All tanks received bolted and gasket covers to further reduce potential storm-water infiltration.

Phase 1

Phase 2


Phase 3