Project completed June 2011

Location: Wolfeboro, NH
Owner: Sugar Hill Retirement Community
Engineer: White Mountain Survey Company, Inc.

Project Description

The Project called for the replacement of 4 Effluent Disposal Areas (EDAs; leaching fields). The EDAs are designed to handle 4,975 gallons per day. The reconstruction required phasing so that only 2 fields would be offline at any one time. The project was on a fast track and because of this required construction during winter conditions which required the use of frost blankets and other unique techniques. The project was completed on schedule and without any unforeseen issues occurring.

Project Background

The existing EDAs seemed to not be performing as was expected. Due to this the Owner contracted White Mountain Survey to develop plans for the EDAs to be replaced. Upon excavation of the system some of the underlying sand was found to be unsuitable for drainage.

Project Goals

Issue: Complete the project while maintaining the use of the facility.
Solution: Phasing of the shut down of the EDAs so that only 2 were offline at a time.

Issue: Correcting the underlying issue that is causing the EDAs to not perform at peek efficiency.
Solution: Excavation of the entire systems, discovery of unsuitable base material and total replacement of underlying material, the Presby Pipes, and all distribution boxes and the splitter box.