Project Completed 2017

Location: Farmington, NH
Owner: Town of Farmington
Engineer: CMA Engineering

Project Description

Safe Routes to Schools Projects are projects predominantly funded by NHDOT.  These funds assist communities to increase pedestrian and bicycle safety to promote these modes of travel to school.  This project involved tip downs and other accessibility and safety issues in the area of the Farmington Middle School and High School.

Project Background

The project involved significant engineering by CMA Engineers prior to construction to meet all of the needs of the community.  As work started, it was imperative to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) rules.  This required working to meet existing conditions and improve upon these conditions.  The major focuses of the project were improving safety, improving accessibility, and fixing some existing drainage concerns.

Project Goals

Issue: Some existing intersections had significant surface deterioration of the asphalt, limiting accessibility and increasing tripping hazards.
Solution: Intersections with crosswalks that had significant degradation were reconstructed to allow for a safe and functional crosswalk.