Project Completed: October 30, 2015

Location: West Ossipee, NH
Owner: Jamsan Hotel Management
Designer: Folsom Design Group

Project Description

Installation of a replacement septic system for a failed system.  The work included removal of the failed system and replacement with a larger system for site and usage conditions.  Special care was needed for scheduling within a tight schedule based on the hotel’s needs.

Project Background

The existing system had failed and was in need of replacement.  The facility has had many additions over the years which have resulted in multiple systems, this allowed for some of the facility to remain open during construction.

Project Goals

Issue: High occupancy during most of the year would require careful timing and a quick turnaround time from the start of construction till the system could be used.
Solution: The work was scheduled during the only timeframe that would see a slight reduction in occupancy; between the busy summer and fall foliage seasons.

Issue: Discovery of unsuitable materials under the existing septic system leach fields.
Solution: Once construction began it was discovered that one of the reasons for the premature failure of the system was due to unsuitable organic materials under the leach field.  These materials had restricted effluent percolation.  These materials were replaced with appropriate sand materials to provide a long term solution for the property.