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Rice Hill Road Drainage and Road Reconstruction

Project completed September, 2009

Location: Freedom, NH
Owner: Town of Freedom, NH
Contracted By: Town of Freedom Highway Department

For this Project we were hired by the Town of Freedom to work alongside their crews in the reconstruction of Rice Hill Road. In the process of the reconstruction new under-drain was installed and new culvert crossings and head walls. The reconstruction required the removal of the poor performing existing gravels, installation of a woven roadway fabric, followed by the installation of new NH DOT spec. crushed […]

Peak Vista Homes

Project completed August, 2009

Location: Madison, NH
Owner: Private Residences

The 2 Projects began with a Home we were completing the site work on, for Leonard Builders, LLC. The first home required the clearing and grubbing, overall site regrading, excavation for the new home, boulder retaining wall installation, septic system, and a switchback driveway to accomplish the extreme grade change. The location presented problems with groundwater as well as overall steepness of the terrain. In completed this project the homeowner next […]

Harborview Drainage Installation

Project completed June, 2009

Location: Rye, NH
Owner: Cole and Holt Residences
Engineer: Ambit Engineering

The Project required the installation of 2 Catch Basins and drainage pipe. The objective of the project was to provide for a means to de-water the yards and basements of 2 homes on Harborview Drive. During the construction ledge was encountered and some alterations to the plans were made to reduce costs for the owners.

Due to the homes being built in an area with ledge near the ground surface there is […]

Replacing the Arthur White Bridge, in Lancaster NH

Arthur White Bridge, in Lancaster NH.
Project completed November 2008

Location: Lancaster, NH
Owner: Town of Lancaster, NH
Engineer: HE Bergeron Engineers

The Project involved the removal of the existing bridge and associated infrastructure. Once this was completed a Precast Ridged Frame bridge was installed. In addition to the bridge, the bridge approaches were repaired and regraded. Part of the bridge approach repair included road reconstruction and drainage. With very detailed sequencing the stream bed was restored during the installation of the bridge so as to allow […]

White Mountain Administration Complex

Project completed October, 2008

Location: Campton, NH
Owner: White Mountain National Forest
Engineer: USDA Forest Service
General Contractor: P & S Construction

The Project involved the site work for a new 25,000 Square Foot Office building to house the White Mountain National Forest Administrative Services. Throughout the project emphasis was placed on recycling any materials that possibly could be recycled. In addition to the building excavation the project involved installing perimeter drains, installing stone drip edges, installing base materials for walkways surrounding the main building, and general […]

Country Woodland Estates

Location: Freedom, NH
Owner: Wendell and Pauline Brooks

The Project involved the clearing and grubbing of two subdivisions. The roads were installed with all utilities installed underground. The roadways were installed to the Town of Freedom specifications with asphalt pavement for the driving surface. Each road is approximately 850 feet long with a cul-de-sac at the end of each.

The Project was started upon realizing that portions of the land adjacent to the G. W. Brooks and Son, Inc. yard, shop, and office land […]

Burnham Road Bridge Replacement

Project completed October, 2007

Location: Freedom, NH
Owner: Town of Freedom, NH
Contracted By: Town of Freedom Highway Department

The Project involved the removal of an undersized Red Listed bridge and installation of a new precast arch span bridge. The existing bridge was only capable of handling 3 ton loads and unable to The Project entailed the installation of a Rigid Frame Bridge to replace the previous twin 6 foot culverts. In addition to new bridge installation the bridge approaches were reconstructed. The Project required the […]

Tamworth Family Medicine

Project completed April, 2007

Location: Tamworth, NH
Owner: Huggins Hospital
Engineer: White Mountain Survey Company, Inc.
General Contractor: Bauen Corporation

The Project involved the site work for a new family medicine facility. The Project entailed the overall grading of the site, excavation for the building, parking lot installation, and other associated site work tasks. A particularly unique feature of the project was a large drainage swale running down the north side of the project.

The Project is sited along the highly visible Route 16 corridor in Tamworth, NH […]

Totem Pole Park, Septic Replacement

Project completed Spring 2006

Location: Freedom, NH
Owner: Totem Pole Park

This project involved the replacement of a system which was designed to handle 9,360 Gallons per day.

Tamworth Brett School Addition and Ballfield

Project completed 2004

Location: Tamworth, NH
Owner: Tamworth School District
Engineer: White Mountain Survey Company, Inc.
General Contractor: Bauen Corporation

The addition to the building was for additional classrooms and a new gymnasium. For the addition we performed the associated site work for the new foundation. Along with this we also installed drainage and select gravels for expanded driveway and parking lots. The ball field was reconstructed to improve the playing surface and provide for better turf establishment and drainage.