Project completed May, 2014

Location: Madison, NH
Owner: Town of Madison, NH
Design Build Team: G. W. Brooks and French Engineering

Project Description

The Project involved the removal of a failing Red Listed bridge (in this case twin 48″ Culverts) and installation of a new precast rigid frame bridge.  As a cost savings method and in order to expedite the project it was a put out to bid as a Design-Build bridge.  This project was funded through a capital reserve plan which removed a great deal of the delays and associated costs of the State Bridge Aid Program.

Project Background

The existing bridge was on the State of New Hampshire Red List. To bring the bridge off of the Red List required complete reconstruction.  The existing culverts were beginning to fail with deep dents on the tops and heavy corrosion on the bottom.  Ledge with a greatly varying elevation was discovered on site and required pinning a cast-in-place concrete footing to the ledge.

Project Goals

Issue: With the waters flowing through this site feeding into the pristine Silver Lake it was imperative to control sediment leaving the site.
Solution: By following Best Management Practices for Erosion and Sediment Control we eliminated any discharge of sediments from the site.

IssueSchool Buses use this route routinely and have stops on both sides of the bridge.
Solution: Due to the school bus route and its extreme disruption with a road closure, work was scheduled outside of the school season.  Even with unforeseen weather delays work was completed on time with no impact to the school bus route.

Issue: The roadway narrowed in this area due to the bridge length.
Solution: When designing this was looked at and rectified by making the new bridge’s paving actually wider than the road on both approaches to provide a safe and comfortable driving experience.