Project completed June, 2013

Location: Moultonborough, NH
Owner: Town of Moultonborough, NH
Engineer: KV Partners

Project Description

Work on this Project consisted of reconstruction of deteriorating roadway through a narrow Right-of-Way within in a neighborhood that was sensitive to disruptions and construction nuisances. The work included installation of closed drainage systems to carry water existing surface drainage systems. Also included within the project the complete box reconstruction of the supporting gravel structures of the roadway to repair existing deficiencies. Work also narrowed the existing roadway in an effort to calm traffic speeds in the area.

Project Background

The roadway goes through an older section of town where homes were built very close to the traveled way. The road had been over-laid several times in the past but never addressing the foundation issues which were causing severe cracking and heaving. Due to the roadway being narrow and the lack of efficient detour routes one way travel was maintained throughout the project. This was a phase in a multi-phased project. This section being worse than others required complete reconstruction where others only required an overlay of asphalt.

Project Goals

Issue: Existing homes and structures were very close to the traveled roadway and would be impacted by construction activities if not carefully planned and executed.
Solution: Excavation of the existing asphalt was only carried out as the roadway box proceeded within the affected area. Once a gravel roadbed was exposed water and dust control agents were used to minimize impacts to local residents.