Project Completed: September 30 2015

Location: Wolfeboro, NH
Owner: Town of Wolfeboro
Engineer: Underwood Engineer, Inc.

Project Description

This Project was a Road Reconstruction to correct drainage and a deficient road bed.  The existing roadway was a NHDOT unnumbered road which was to be turned over to the Town upon completion.  The work included enhancements and repairs to the existing drainage systems and removal of unsuitable materials.  Road work went from Route 28 (Weston’s Corner) to New Durham Town line; Approximately 1.75 miles.

Project Background

As this roadway had become severely deteriorated over the years it had become a problem as it could no longer be patched or repaired and required total reconstruction.  As this roadway was a NHDOT unnumbered road and there has been push to reduce the number of these roads it became an opportunity to repair and transfer the roadway to the Town of Wolfeboro.  This project fixed many deficiencies that had developed over the years.  With this, the State picked up a large portion of the costs of the project in exchange for the long term maintenance being handed over to the Town.

Project Goals

Issue: A deteriorated roadway surface with numerous potholes and an extremely uneven surface.
Solution: The cause of this was found to be predominately water related.  As such under drain and deep swales were designed into the roadway.

Issue: The Project was expected to run from the fall into the summer with a winter shutdown and work during the wetter spring months.
Solution: Work involving the areas of the project most likely to encounter a higher water table were completed in the fall in hopes of providing a better longer lasting job when complete.

Issue: A historic cemetery existing directly adjacent to the roadway and an area that drainage was necessary.  This work would have been expensive and time consuming as an archaeologist would have been necessary.
Solution: The drainage was relocated to the opposite side of the street and reconfigured to allow for the same benefits previously designed but without the need for working within the sensitive area.  This saved the project money and time.