Project Completed: May 30, 2016

Location: Madison, NH
Owner: Village District of Eidelweiss
Engineer: Fluet Engineers

Project Description

This Project was a Road Reconstruction to correct drainage and a deficient road bed.  The work included enhancements and repairs to the existing drainage systems, removal of unsuitable materials and relocating a waterline.  Road work went from the bottom of Oak Ridge Road up approximately 1,300 feet.

Project Background

As this roadway had become severely deteriorated over the years it had become a problem as it could no longer be patched or repaired and required total reconstruction.  This project fixed many deficiencies that had developed over the years.  With the complete reconstruction of the roadway vehicles that previously couldn’t traverse the road at any speed beyond a crawl were able to follow the posted speed limits.

Project Goals

Issue: A deteriorated roadway surface with numerous potholes and an extremely uneven surface.
Solution: Complete reconstruction of the roadway gave a long-term solution to an annual repair problem

Issue: An existing waterline that was expected to be replaced in the next 5 to 10 years crossed the roadway
Solution: The portion of the existing waterline that was under the new road was replaced beyond the limits of the roadwork to eliminate the need of this portion of the road needing to be ripped soon after the project.