Project Completed: October 22, 2015

Location: Randolph, NH
Owner: Town of Randolph

Project Description

This Project involved Road Reconstruction to correct a deficient road bed.  Preexisting conditions had left the road barely passable and difficult to maintain.  Work included; replacing aging cross culverts, reshaping roadside swales, removing rocks and replacing unsuitable materials. The road surface was turned to a gravel surface in order to save costs.

Project Background

This roadway had suffered from a poor subgrade with little in the way of gravel.  Rocks were protruding through the pavement and winter heaving had left the road in very poor condition.  With a small budget the Town elected to return the roadway to gravel due to its low usage and flat grades.

Project Goals

Issue: A spring was discovered to be softening an area of the roadway.
Solution: Under drain was installed in this area both up hill and under the road to drain this problem area.

Issue: A previous construction project on an adjacent road had a catch basin that was not catching water, this water was washing out a driveway.
Solution: A grass lined swale was installed uphill of this drainage structure followed by a stone lined swale adjacent to the structure to slow the water down.  Finally a small berm was constructed to stop the water from bypassing the catch basin.

Issue: The road is heavily used during the summer months by seasonal residents
Solution: Work was delayed till the fall to allow for less inconvenience to the local residents.