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Places Mill Road Bridge

Project completed May, 2012

Location: Alton, NH
Owner: Town of Alton, NH
Engineer: Dubois and King

The Project involved the removal of an undersized Red Listed bridge and installation of a new precast arch span bridge. The existing bridge was only capable of handling 3 ton loads and unable to handle potential heavy water flows. The new bridge was designed to be capable of handling 72 ton loads and ample space for handling heavy flood flows. Throughout the project care was necessary while working next to […]

Route 4 and Morgan Way Intersection Improvements

Project completed April, 2012

Location: Durham, NH
Owner: Town of Durham and NH DOT
Engineer: CMA Engineers

The Project involved the addition of a turning lane on the East bound side of Route 4. In addition to the turning lane there was also work performed to improve drainage through the Project. The Project required the cutting of a very dense grove of trees that were intertwined with power lines running 19,900 Volts. In addition to the line clearing there was also a need to coordinate the […]

Sugar Hill Retirement Community Leach Field Replacement

Project completed June 2011

Location: Wolfeboro, NH
Owner: Sugar Hill Retirement Community
Engineer: White Mountain Survey Company, Inc.

The Project called for the replacement of 4 Effluent Disposal Areas (EDAs; leaching fields). The EDAs are designed to handle 4,975 gallons per day. The reconstruction required phasing so that only 2 fields would be offline at any one time. The project was on a fast track and because of this required construction during winter conditions which required the use of frost blankets and other unique techniques. The […]

Littleton Riverwalk Phase II

Project completed June,  2011

Location: Littleton, NH
Owner: Town of Littleton, NH
Engineer: HE Bergeron Engineers

This Project is envisioned to be a pedestrian link for all of the portions of downtown Littleton and the Ammonoosuc River Recreation area. As the second phase of the project, Phase 2 connected to where Phase 1 left off with a covered bridge. The Project was partially funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Being part of the ARRA this project required additional paperwork and record keeping beyond […]

Inn at Crystal Lake Septic System with Aeration

Project completed May, 2011

Location: Eaton, NH
Owner: Inn at Crystal Lake
Engineer: Jones and Beach Engineers, Inc.

The Project involved the removal of an undersized Red Listed bridge and installation of a new precast arch span bridge. The existing bridge was only capable of handling 3 ton loads and unable to The Project required the installation of a specialized aeration septic system to minimize the size of the leach field. The site was small and hilly requiring the use of small equipment and unique approaches. […]

Eaton Home Jacking and Excavation

Project completed Fall, 2010

Location: Eaton, NH
Owner: Private Residence
General Contractor: Frog Rock Woodworks

The Project began as an addition to the existing home. Once excavation began the project was expanded to excavation of the existing stone foundation and creating space for a full crawl space under the home. The Project required careful excavation due to tight spaces between a second home behind the home being renovated and nearby barn.

The Project was on a home that had some historic significance to the area which was […]

Bay Road Bridge Reconstruction

Completed October, 2010

Location: Farmington, NH
Owner: Town of Farmington, NH
Engineer: Jacobs Engineering

This project involved replacing an existing cast in place jack arch bridge with a new precast bridge. The project allowed for the closure of the road entirely during construction. During the construction large boulders (the size of cars) were discovered within the excavation for the new, larger bridge. The Project included the bridge approaches and replacement of a reinforced concrete pipe within the eastern bridge approach. In addition to the originally contracted […]

Cedar Ridge Condos, Drainage and Parking Improvements

Project completed July, 2010

Location: Portsmouth, NH
Owner: Cedar Ridge Condominiums
Engineer: Ambit Engineering

With insufficient gravels under the existing pavement the parking lots and driveways had significant cracking and deformation. In addition to the pavement issues there was also a need to update the existing drainage system. With the update of the drainage system there was a need to rebuild some drainage structures and add poly inlet liners to extend the life of the structures. In addition to the repairs to the existing system, several […]

3/4 Mile Private Driveway, Silver Lake Home

Project completed March, 2010

Location: Madison, NH
Owner: Girouard Family
Construction Manager: Malcolm Thomas

This Project was a multi-phased project that centered around the construction of new private residence. All phases of the site work were awarded to G. W. Brooks and Son, Inc. The first phase involved the installation of an access road to the future home site. The existing woods road had trees grown very tight to it requiring clearing, in addition the existing road only went approximately halfway to the […]

Alton Shores Culvert Replacement

Project completed November, 2009

Location: Alton, NH
Owner: Town of Alton, NH
Engineer: CMA Engineers

The Project required the replacement of an existing undersized metal culvert. The river bottom in the area of the bridge is ledge with overlying cobbles, this limited the capabilities of the cofferdam. The project involved the use of cast in place footings, cast in place stub walls, and precast open bottom box culvert. Inside of the bridge the bottom was infilled with rounded rock. The project being on a dead end […]