Project Completed: Phase I: August 29, 2014    Phase II: November 1, 2016

Location: Belmont, NH
Owner: Town of Belmont
Engineer: Underwood Engineers

Project Description

Reconstruction and Drainage Improvements to a main town roadway with a very steep grade (over 12%) and feeder streets.  Work included construction of new closed drainage systems along with grass, stone, and paved ditches.

Project Background

The existing roadway on Ladd Hill was deteriorating and there was limited existing drainage.  The smaller side streets were in worse condition in terms of their asphalt surface.  The project is part of a 3 phase project to improve all of Ladd Hill

Project Goals

Issue: Improve the drainage leading into Lake Winnipesaukee.
Solution: Installation of Stone Lined and Asphalt Lined swales to limit the amount of erosion and subsequent fines entering the storm drainage systems.

Issue: A culvert on the job was found to have the headwalls much too close to the road and would have required guardrail.
Solution:Working with the Town and the Engineer the culvert was lengthened to allow for a crossing without the need of guardrail.

Phase 1


Phase 2