Project completed September, 2009

Location: Freedom, NH
Owner: Town of Freedom, NH
Contracted By: Town of Freedom Highway Department

Project Description

For this Project we were hired by the Town of Freedom to work alongside their crews in the reconstruction of Rice Hill Road. In the process of the reconstruction new under-drain was installed and new culvert crossings and head walls. The reconstruction required the removal of the poor performing existing gravels, installation of a woven roadway fabric, followed by the installation of new NH DOT spec. crushed gravels. Throughout the project there was need to deal with surface and subsurface waters through cofferdams and de-watering sumps.

Project Background

Rice Hill Road is located in an area of Freedom, NH that is quite hilly and has significant ground water. Over the years the ground water had slowly deteriorated the road gravels resulting in a poor riding surface. The Town of Freedom takes on many projects each year in house. With the need for additional equipment and trucking the Town contracted with G. W. Brooks and Son, Inc. for our assistance in completing this project in a timely manner.

Project Goals

Issue: Groundwater entering the roadbed was deteriorating the roadbed and riding surface.
Solution: Installation of new under-drains and reconstruction of culvert crossings kept the waters moving out and away from the roadbed materials, this will greatly lengthen the life expectancy of the road surface.

Issue: The area is very isolated, with little access from other parts of town if the road is shut down.
Solution: Maintain one lane of travel through nearly the entire project, including while installing cross culverts across the roadway. Only limited road closures (wait times of less than 5 minutes) were experienced by the public.