Project completed June,  2011

Location: Littleton, NH
Owner: Town of Littleton, NH
Engineer: HE Bergeron Engineers

Project Description

This Project is envisioned to be a pedestrian link for all of the portions of downtown Littleton and the Ammonoosuc River Recreation area. As the second phase of the project, Phase 2 connected to where Phase 1 left off with a covered bridge. The Project was partially funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Being part of the ARRA this project required additional paperwork and record keeping beyond a typical job. The Project was done in the late fall which required close attention to frost conditions and tight scheduling of operations. Due to the location along the edge of the Ammonoosuc River portions of the walkway required the use of permeable pavers and special stone bases to provide for a permeable surface.

Project Background

G.W. Brooks and Son, Inc. began the second phase connecting with Phase 1. The major component of Phase 1 was the installation of a covered pedestrian bridge. The entire project has been in the works since 2008 and continues to have additional phases planned once additional funding becomes available. Running along the Ammonoosuc River, within the flood plain, required specialized construction methods.

Project Goals

Issue: Riverglen Lane is heavily travelled during the week (especially lunch time) by senior citizens visiting the Senior Center. Traffic had to be allowed to flow freely while construction continued all within a very tight corridor.
Solution: Early notice was given to all of the work that would be ongoing. In addition wherever possible work was accomplished from outside the roadway.

Issue: With large portions of the walkway within the Shoreland Protection Area there was a need to maintain a permeable surface.
Solution: Installation of a stratified 2 foot thick crushed stone base under permeable concrete pavers. Water which lands on top of the walkway easily flows through the pavers and into the large french drain like base.