Project completed March, 2010

Location: Madison, NH
Owner: Girouard Family
Construction Manager: Malcolm Thomas

Project Description

This Project was a multi-phased project that centered around the construction of new private residence. All phases of the site work were awarded to G. W. Brooks and Son, Inc. The first phase involved the installation of an access road to the future home site. The existing woods road had trees grown very tight to it requiring clearing, in addition the existing road only went approximately halfway to the home. There were several culvert crossings that required new culverts. The base gravel for the 3/4 mile road was harvested and crushed onsite to reduce costs to the owner. The second phase of the project was installation of underground utilities and utility vaults. All utilities to the new home are underground from the road for 3/4 of a mile. The third phase was the actual construction of the home. To accomplish this on a sloping hill top required the construction of several boulder retaining walls.

Project Background

The Project was multi-phased and with this came unique challenges to accommodate the other contracted trades working within and outside of phases we were constructing. With the project on a back road that would limit trip times from the closest gravel pit the option of onsite crushing was suggested to the owner. With the use of the material from onsite the owner was able to reduce construction costs dramatically.