Project Completed September, 2010

Location: Sandwich, NH
Owner: Town of Sandwich

Project Description

This project was a road reconstruction project of a small rural road.  Reclaiming of the existing paved road helped to reduce costs over full reconstruction while still giving a good finished product better than just an overlay.  Additionally we removed the existing Reinforced Concrete cross culverts and replacement them with aluminized steel culverts.  State Spec. crushed gravel was installed over the reclaim prior to paving.  Ditching along the entire road was completed and installation of stone lined ditches along the steeper stretches helped to stabilize the road.  The final step of the project was installation of an asphalt binder, which was to be topped the following year in another contract.

Project Background

Under a yearly continued road improvement plan, the Town of Sandwich had this as a phase in their schedule.  To enable this project as well as previous projects to improve the road surface over as great of length as possible the wearing course was held off until all 3 portions of Maple Ridge were reconstructed.

Project Goals

Issue: Work was taking place on a scenic road which restricted tree removal.
Solution: Ditching required significant amounts of handwork to minimize killing the trees in locations that were very tight to the road.