Project completed June, 2009

Location: Rye, NH
Owner: Cole and Holt Residences
Engineer: Ambit Engineering

Project Description

The Project required the installation of 2 Catch Basins and drainage pipe. The objective of the project was to provide for a means to de-water the yards and basements of 2 homes on Harborview Drive. During the construction ledge was encountered and some alterations to the plans were made to reduce costs for the owners.

Project Background

Due to the homes being built in an area with ledge near the ground surface there is no place for water to go once it gets into the foundation holes. Through the use Catch Basins to capture some of the surface water and sump pumps within the homes to remove the water below the basement slab levels the problems were alleviated. The sump pumps pumped the water out to the new Catch Basins for direction into the existing storm water system.

Project Goals

Issue: Insufficient number of surface drainage structures.
Solution:Installation of 2 new Catch Basins.

Issue: Encountered ledge that would be costly to the owners to progress through.
Solution:Although some ledge was still required to be removed, the plans were altered to reduce the amount of ledge that was required to be removed.