Project completed Fall, 2010

Location: Eaton, NH
Owner: Private Residence
General Contractor: Frog Rock Woodworks

Project Description

The Project began as an addition to the existing home. Once excavation began the project was expanded to excavation of the existing stone foundation and creating space for a full crawl space under the home. The Project required careful excavation due to tight spaces between a second home behind the home being renovated and nearby barn.

Project Background

The Project was on a home that had some historic significance to the area which was why the owner was looking to renovate the existing building rather than rebuild. The massive central fireplace was one of two within neighboring homes. With the historic significance there was much concern and emphasis placed on minimizing the disturbance of the site and home during the project.

Project Goals

Issue: Excavate the existing foundation and provide room for a crawl space without disturbing central fireplace foundation.
Solution: The foundation of existing central fireplace is made out of dry laid stone. To stabilize the foundation prior to machine excavation the foundation was hand excavated and a concrete collar poured around the base.

Issue: Limited space for work and storage of materials.
Solution: With the limited space all materials excavated were required to be trucked to a lower staging area on the job site to provide for as much working area as possible adjacent to the home.