Project completed October, 2007

Location: Freedom, NH
Owner: Town of Freedom, NH
Contracted By: Town of Freedom Highway Department

Project Description

The Project involved the removal of an undersized Red Listed bridge and installation of a new precast arch span bridge. The existing bridge was only capable of handling 3 ton loads and unable to The Project entailed the installation of a Rigid Frame Bridge to replace the previous twin 6 foot culverts. In addition to new bridge installation the bridge approaches were reconstructed. The Project required the bypassing of the steam through the site via bypass culvert. The Stream bed was stabilized and a rock retaining wall was installed parrallel to the road. Bridge rail and guard rail were installed to complete the project.

Project Background

The Project was needed after the two 6 foot culverts that previously existed were washed out during flooding. Through FEMA Mitigation the project was completed with a combined work effort of the Town of Freedom Highway Department and the hiring of G. W. Brooks and Son, Inc.

Project Goals

Issue: Limited site access due to a narrow gravel road.
Solution: Trucks delivering the precast rigid frame bridge were required to back a little over 1 mile into the site. The trucks carry other materials to and from the site were required to back nearly a quarter mile.

Issue: Overhead utilities were in a location that limited crane access.
Solution: A larger crane was required to be able to reach under the overhead utilities.